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Customer Education Key to Smart Grid Deployment


November 15, 2012

FierceSmartGrid reports on various utilities’ move toward the smart grid. Those who have had successful transitions involved consumers from the beginning of implementation. A California company, for example, faced customer backlash in the form of a class-action lawsuit after deploying one of the largest smart grids in the U.S. without first warning customers, the report states, and Naperville, Illinois, is facing a federal lawsuit over privacy concerns despite its early consumer outreach program. By contrast, Florida Power & Light experienced success with a customer dashboard allowing customers to view and control their energy consumption and cost. “Clearly, customer involvement and consumer education are key” in smart grid deployment, the report states. Editor’s Note: For more on how to effectively deploy a smart grid program, see “Amidst fledgling smart grid safeguards, utilities self-regulate and an expert offers a how-to” from September’s edition of The Privacy Advisor.
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