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Privacy Concerns Raised by Facebook-Instagram Merger


April 10, 2012

After yesterday's announcement that Facebook has acquired Instagram, several privacy advocates and users are worried the merger will create new privacy issues, CNET News reports. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a pledge yesterday that the company would not "integrate everything." Stanford University Center for Internet and Society Researcher Ryan Calo said, "The larger issue for me is that Facebook is adding Instagram data to its own...I picture the consumer happily paddling down a data rivulet only to find themselves suddenly on the open waters of the social sea." Instagram's privacy policy does not indicate what happens in an acquisition, but the Center for Democracy & Technology's Justin Brookman said, even after the merger, users who "signed up under certain, privacy-protective terms" still have valid protections, but "for new data posted to Instagram, Facebook can set new terms."
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