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Lawmakers, Experts React to Privacy Plan


February 24, 2012

The Hill reports on plans by Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R-CA) to hold a hearing next month on the administration's privacy blueprint. "Protecting consumer privacy online and preserving American innovation are not mutually exclusive," she said, adding, "any rush to judgment could have a chilling effect on our economy and potentially damage, if not cripple, online innovation." Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) says the Obama administration's "Privacy Bill of Rights" is an "important statement of priorities" and Congress should enact "common sense rules" for consumer protection. Meanwhile, privacy advocates have released a preferred set of principles for guiding the development of the industry code of conduct. Consumer Watchdog's John Simpson says he is skeptical of the multi-stakeholder process but is "willing to make a good faith effort to try." In Forbes, Adam Thierer favors an approach that "relies on increased consumer education and awareness, industry self-regulation and greater personal and corporate responsibility." Editor's Note: The IAPP will host web conferences soon after release of the administration and Federal Trade Commission privacy reports.
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