European Data Protection Digest

Opinion: Kudos to DPC on Investigation


January 6, 2012

The Irish Times takes a look at the investigation into Facebook's privacy practices completed recently by the Data Protection Commission. The report compliments the DPC for bringing a technologist into the audit and lauds Facebook for cooperating with the investigation, but it questions the sensibility of the joint report announcement, saying that "had overtones of cosiness and comfort that...made the two organisations seem more like dancing than sparring partners." However, overall, writes Karlin Lillington, "the commissioner's office carried off this major and unprecedented challenge with commendable speed and focus, and produced a list of spot-on recommendations that will benefit all European Facebook users in a brave new era of social networking." Editor's note: Irish Data Protection Commissioner Billy Hawkes will discuss the investigation during a keynote address at the IAPP Europe Data Protection Intensive in London in April.
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