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Kerry Discusses Bill, Self-Regulation


December 23, 2011

In an interview with viEUws, Cameron Kerry, general counsel at the U.S. Department of Commerce, discusses net neutrality, the efficacy of safe harbor regimes and whether self-regulation is feasible when it comes to protecting consumer data. Kerry believes safe harbor frameworks have been successful in reducing frictions that exist in international data exchanges and says that self-regulation works because of the enforcement of agencies like the U.S. FTC. Kerry, who co-chairs the Subcommittee on Privacy and Internet Policy, says he'll soon announce a Consumer Bill of Rights. He told the Daily Dashboard in July that the bill of rights will be a "clear set of rules for the road...updated for today's environment. We also want to send a message to international partners that the Obama Administration and the United States want to lead on this issue, because international operability is very important to maintaining the free flow of information on the Internet and to maintaining global trade." Meanwhile, the Electronic Privacy Information Center is reporting that a document obtained by a European civil liberties group says  the DoC is opposing efforts by the European Union to update its privacy law.
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