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Sens. Seek Additional Answers from Company


December 16, 2011

Sens. Al Franken (D-MN) and Christopher Coons (D-DE) have said that CarrierIQ has not adequately answered questions about how its software collects data on mobile phones, BusinessWeek reports. Franken said he is "still troubled by what's going on" after reviewing a report submitted by the company. "I'm also bothered by the software's ability to capture the contents of our online searches," he said, "even when users wish to encrypt them...there are still many questions to be answered here and things that need to be fixed." CarrierIQ's vice president said the company "appreciates" Franken's inquiry and looks "forward to our ongoing dialogue with the senator to answer his additional questions." After meeting with company executives, a spokesman for Coons said, "We hope and expect that this meeting is the first of several constructive conversations to get answers to the questions the senator has and the public deserves to know." 
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