Inside 1to1:Privacy


September 9, 2011

Recently, one of our staff members received an unsolicited commercial e-mail from an advertising services provider. The e-mail lacked the most basic privacy sensitivities, and, when pressed, the sender--a Silicon Valley startup--confessed to ignorance about e-mail privacy requirements.

For those of us who take privacy regulations for granted, it was a reminder that eight years after the enactment of CAN-SPAM, data privacy is still an enigmatic concept to some marketers.

In this month’s edition of inside 1to1: PRIVACY, Jay Cline, CIPP, aims to fix that by introducing the concept of Privacy by Design to marketing departments everywhere. He offers marketers five steps they can take to get their departments behind the idea of building privacy into their campaigns. As Jay says, the risk of privacy blunders rises in step with marketers’ increased use of social media and mobile technologies. It behooves this gigantic segment of the marketplace to know more about it.

Also in this month’s edition, we look at the privacy implications of IPv6. Although it is too soon to tell whether IPv6 is a privacy time bomb, as some have predicted, author Mat Schwartz lays out the most likely potential privacy issues associated with the new protocol.

As always, I hope you find this month’s articles useful to your work. I also hope to see many of you at the Privacy Academy in Dallas, TX, next week.


J. Trevor Hughes, CIPP
President & CEO, IAPP