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Reding: U.S. Moving Toward EU Regulatory Model


April 1, 2011

The call for a do-not-track mechanism and a privacy bill of rights by U.S. officials "means very clearly that the U.S. is approaching the EU regulatory model." That was one of the messages shared by EU Commissioner Viviane Reding during a speech this week. V3.co.uk reports on Reding's comments that changes to the EU data protection rules, which are expected this summer, may come with additional costs for organizations, but those costs would be offset by less "red tape within the EU" and opportunities for more innovation. Reding said her goals include harmonizing data protection rules within the EU, simplifying the rules of applicable law, facilitating international data transfers and eliminating "those administrative obligations and requirements imposed on businesses that are unnecessary and ineffective." Meanwhile, European Commission Vice President for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes has also been clarifying data protection efforts in Europe, stating, "Europe has become more united, the internal market more coherent and data flows more global. Now, we need to catch up and make the rules future-proof for the decades to come."
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