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Do-Not-Track Comments Indicate Support


March 30, 2011

Though the FTC's proposal for a do-not-track mechanism initially incited criticism from the advertising industry, reactions now seem to indicate widespread support, InformationWeek reports. That's according to attorney Richard Santalesa of Information Law Group, who analyzed the 442 comments submitted to the FTC during a public review period on the proposal. Concerns raised, however, include "hesitation over standardizing on a single approach or technology" and "problems with FTC Fair Information Practices," the report states. The government has favored self-regulation over legislation thus far, but it "looks like change is in the air," said attorney Nicole Friess, citing Sen. John Kerry's (D-MA) recently released legislation and three other pending privacy bills. Editor's note: Learn more about how "do not track" would work and its potential impacts and enforcement regimes during the upcoming IAPP Web Conference "Do Not Track--Implementation and Impact," Thursday, April 14.
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