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Commissioner: FTC Has Not Endorsed Do Not Track


March 25, 2011

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has not endorsed plans for an online do-not-track mechanism, ClickZ reports. That's according to FTC Commissioner J. Thomas Rosch in an opinion piece for AdAge where he writes, "The concept of do-not-track has not been endorsed by the commission or, in my judgment, even properly vetted yet." In the midst of calls for federal privacy legislation, Rosch writes that in his statement on the FTC's preliminary staff report, he acknowledged he "would support a do-not-track mechanism if it were 'technically feasible.' By that I meant that it needed to have a number of attributes that had not yet been demonstrated. That is still true, in my judgment." Editor's Note: Learn more about current plans for baseline privacy laws during the upcoming IAPP Web Conference "Federal Privacy Legislation: An Insider's View" next Friday, April 1.

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