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Tech Suppliers Urged To Embrace Privacy Principles


September 2, 2010

In a feature for The Last Watchdog, Fran Maier of TRUSTe shares her personal experience underscoring the privacy risks that come with the "Internet of Things." Maier writes how her missing camera began wirelessly uploading photos to her Eye-Fi account from an unsuspecting family in Germany that did not know that the account--complete with geo-tags--was enabled. "In this new world of the Internet of Things, a family photo can be much more than that," Maier writes, noting, "It may be a sensitive piece of personal data inadvertently shared with a stranger because of insufficient privacy safeguards." As the Internet of Things grows, Maier said it will be essential for technology designers and suppliers to "incorporate transparency, accountability and choice" to protect privacy. Editor's Note: Read more about Maier's story and the unforeseen consequences of such technology.
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