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APF: Body Scanner Survey Flawed


April 15, 2010

The Australian Privacy Foundation (APF) is denouncing a recent survey that indicated the majority of residents support full body scans and biometric measures in airports, ARN reports. Robert Clarke of the APF said the survey showed "a serious lack of credibility" because it was commissioned by a company "with explicit interest in the outcome of the survey." The company behind the survey is a supplier of equipment required for scanning and biometrics, the report states. The APF and several civil liberty groups have asked Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Anthony Albanese to conduct a privacy impact assessment on the security technologies. "If it is really going to make a difference, I suppose we can put up with it," Clarke said, "but only if it is proven." Meanwhile, the survey found that two-thirds of New Zealanders are willing to submit to full body electronic scans at airports, but Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff has said extensive public consultation will be required before the law is changed to permit use of the scanners.
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