European Data Protection Digest

Complaints Follow Street View Expansion


March 19, 2010

A recent UK survey found that 34 percent of respondents consider Google's Street View mapping feature to be a "positive" move, but the remainder say it's an intrusion, eWeek Europe reports. Google expanded the feature last week to cover 96 percent of the UK's public roads. The feature offers 360-degree views of cities and towns. Of those who said it was an intrusion, 74 percent said they were most angered that they had not given permission that the images be taken. Though they were removed within one hour of going live, images of a naked child being dressed at a public park appeared on the site last week, prompting complaints and concerns about pedophilia. Google has since apologized and removed those images, but a spokesman for Big Brother Watch says, "Where there's one example like this, there will be many others."
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