Inside 1to1:Privacy


December 1, 2007

As organizations increasingly embrace the power of trust in building and maintaining relationships with every customer, some companies are emerging as stand-outs in understanding the importance of stoking that trust everyday. This month's lead story looks at the results of the Unisys Trusted Enterprise study, which found that the link between trust and privacy/security varies considerably among consumers across eight European countries. The results suggest to the firm's head of enterprise security in continental Europe that organizations need to tailor privacy and security practices to each market and each type of relationship. To achieve these aims, the results suggest there is no substitute for a concerted, ongoing effort to reinforce the company's commitment to safeguarding personal information.

Procter & Gamble, the company featured in the second story, understands the power of earning and maintaining customer trust. P&G has fashioned an innovative approach to fostering customer trust with a Web site that helps to educate consumers on the best ways to protect their personal information online. This type of commitment is not universally embraced as an investment that generates enough dividends. Do you believe that tailoring privacy and security to fit the needs of a particular market or consumer is worth the investment? Email me your thoughts.

J. Trevor Hughes, CIPP
Executive Director, IAPP