Inside 1to1:Privacy


November 1, 2007

Privacy is seemingly under attack with every new camera hoisted atop a sign pole or affixed to a ceiling. But in an age of terrorism prevention, it's difficult to argue with the wisdom of increased surveillance if it enhances public safety.

But the prevalence of cell phone cameras and other digital devices that record people doing anything anywhere adds a new dimension to the privacy debate. Now the surveillance worry surpasses the lens held by Big Brother. It's the camera held by fellow comrades and strangers alike that could forever alter one's private and public life.

In this issue, we look at the new privacy challenges posed by digital devices and the footage and pictures they capture. Is privacy gone as we know it, or are there strategies that will help to maintain personal privacy in the digital age? Email me your thoughts on this provocative topic.
J. Trevor Hughes, CIPP
Executive Director, IAPP