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Q&A: Ask the Privacy Expert - ListServs Serve Up Solutions

September 1, 2006

Kudos to those who are taking advantage of the IAPP's Working Group ListServs! With a focus on addressing challenges in distinct industry sectors, The Privacy Advisor will now share informative Working Group Questions and Answers to benefit the broader membership.

From the Government ListServ:

Q    Julie Spence Gefke, JD, Privacy Officer, Denver Human Services, asks: "I am looking for examples of Email Use and Retention Policies. Does anyone have one they could pass my way? I want to be sure I'm covering everything I should in my policies."

A    University of Minnesota, CRM and President of ARMA International Susan McKinney, answers: "There are many email policies out there for local government. If you do a Google search on email policies, you'll find many to choose from. There are also several publications relating to email on the ARMA website.

You can usually also find guidelines for email management at your state records office. If you have a records manager in your organization, they will also have a lot to share regarding this subject. They are also a great reference for everything records related, so I would suggest finding them and talking to them. You will want to make sure to add records retention to the email policy and retention of email is done through content of the email message."

The IAPP Working Groups consist of the following industry sectors: consumer marketing, financial services, government, health care/pharma, higher education, human resources and international.

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