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August 1, 2006

A reporter with the National Journal's Tech Daily joined privacy pros in late July for a networking session, "RFID Technology and Privacy Best Practices for Its Deployment."

The speakers at the July 26 session were Paula J. Bruening, Staff Counsel, for The Center for Democracy & Technology, and Marija Zivanovic Smith, Governmental Programs Senior Professional, IBM Corp.

The article took note of Bruening's advice to address questions early when businesses have concerns about collecting personally identifiable information - especially when it comes to the increased use of RFID.

According to the article, Bruening told the group that it was important for technology-dependent businesses to protect "your brand (while) making sure that you maintain your relationships with customers and consumers in general."

Zivanoc Smith agreed, and added, "All commerce depends on trust. Our brands depend on it. Customer loyalty to our brand depends on it."