Privacy Advisor

KnowledgeNet - Mixing in Seattle

July 1, 2006

Richard Purcell

It's not hard to get IAPP members in Seattle to abandon the florescence of their offices for bright sunshine. So on April 25, privacy professionals gathered at the Red Hook brewery in the Sammamish Valley to connect with each other, catch some rays and enjoy some great snacks and micro-brews.

This was the first 'mixer' for the Seattle KnowledgeNet chapter, and it was a great success, with enthusiastic discussion about about privacy issues.

Around the room, there were many different concerns:

  • Would there be privacy legislation this year?
  • Will Microsoft's new Windows OS, Vista, provide better protection against spam and phishing attacks?
  • Where's the waitress with my Redhook ESB?
  • Will the APEC process become the dominant privacy model for global companies?
  • Are there any more nachos left?
  • Does the National Security Agency know we're here, having beverages, and talking about civil liberties?

In the end, the mixer was considered a great success. In fact, the group collectively decided to re-name the FTC Fair Information Practices as follows:

  • IPA - Bitter, but important, disclosures
  • Blond Ale - Wildly popular (as in 'choice')
  • Black Hook - Access to whatever you want, just pour some more
  • ESB - Especially secure beer.

Richard Purcell, CIPP, is CEO of Corporate Privacy Group.