Contributor: Christian Wiese Svanberg

Christian Wiese Svanberg is senior policy adviser at the Danish Ministry of Finance. From 2003-2012 he worked at the Danish Ministry of Justice and in that capacity co-chaired the expert level discussions on the EU Data Protection Reform proposals during the Danish EU Presidency in 2012. Christian holds a law degree From the University of Copenhagen and an LLM from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He is the co-author of “The Proposed Data Protection Regulation: The Illusion of Harmonisation, the Private/Public Sector Divide and the Bureaucratic Apparatus” published in the Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies, Vol. 15, December 2013, Hart Publishing.

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The Questionable Legality and Practicality of the EU’s Proposed “Anti-FISA” Clause

By Christian Wiese Svanberg

As it has been noted on these pages one of the tangible results of the Snowden revelations has been the (re)introduction of a provision in the EU’s proposed General Data Protection Regulation aiming to limit and control the transfer of personal data to authorities in third countries, the main concern motivating this initiative clearly being concerns regarding the transfer of personal data to U.S....