Contributor: Aaron Lancaster, CIPP/US

Aaron Lancaster is counsel in Dickstein Shapiro’s State Attorneys General Practice, where he primarily represents clients in state investigations and litigation in a wide variety of consumer protection and data privacy matters. He also counsels clients on building relationships with State Attorneys General to minimize their exposure to state-led lawsuits and negative publicity and advises them on dealing with data breaches and other privacy concerns. 


Think the FTC Is the De Facto U.S. Data Protection Authority? State AGs May Have Something To Say

By Aaron Lancaster

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has understandably been the focus of much attention in the data privacy world. The FTC is considered by many to be the primary U.S. data privacy regulator, and this blog has gone so far as calling the FTC the U.S.’s de facto data protection authority (DPA). We respectfully disagree. The FTC is facing unprecedented challenges, while state attorneys general...

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