Contributor: Tanya Forsheit, CIPP/US

Tanya L. Forsheit, CIPP/US, is a founding partner of InfoLawGroup LLP and a former partner with Proskauer, where she was co-chair of that firm’s privacy and data security practice group. Certified as an information privacy professional by the IAPP, Forsheit works with clients to address legal requirements and best practices for protection of customer and employee information in all forms of media, from paper to e-mail to computing in the cloud. In 2009, she was named one of the Los Angeles Daily Journal’s top 100 women litigators in California. She is past president of the Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles.


Sensationalist Headlines Might Drive Page Views, but Not Good Privacy Law or Policy

By Tanya Forsheit

Skimming through my daily privacy law newsfeeds last week, I came across the following headline on multiple occasions:  Google says e-mail users have “no reasonable expectation of privacy.” In quotes. Meaning Google actually said that. “Really?” I thought. That can’t be right. I bet Google did not actually say that. 

Guess what? Google did not actually say that. 

I’ll preface the rest of this...

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