Contributor: Heather Federman, CIPP/US

Heather Federman, CIPP/US, is the director of Public Policy & Outreach for the Online Trust Alliance (OTA). She is responsible for framing public policy positions that reflect  OTA’s mission of enhancing online trust, innovation and self-regulation. In this role she co-chairs the OTA Public Policy and Legislation committee and manages OTA’s relationship with members of Congress and related organizations. Heather received her JD with honors from Brooklyn Law School, where she served as a teaching & research assistant for Privacy Scholar Jane R. Bambauer and worked as an advanced student clinician for the Brooklyn Law Incubator Policy (BLIP) Clinic. From 2012-2013 Heather completed her Legal & Policy Fellowship with the Future of Privacy Forum, where she worked on a variety of issues including location tracking, digital advertising, children’s privacy and mobile apps. Heather is a member of the Bar in both New York and New Jersey.  

Practical Privacy

How to Lose Your Data In 10 Days

By Heather Federman

It’s no longer an “if” you’re the target of a data breach; it’s just a matter of “when.” Data loss incidents are becoming an unfortunate rite of passage. More and more businesses have found themselves exposed and ill-prepared to manage the fallout. While the average cost of a breach equals $5.5 million, the public reaction fosters graver implications. The resulting “business shock” not only...

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