Contributor: Emma Butler

Emma Butler is senior director, privacy and data protection, at Reed Elsevier and DPO for LexisNexis UK (and not a lawyer!). She previously spent seven years leading the international policy team at the ICO, was part of the Article 29 Working Party and led one of its subgroups. Despite the nature of the post she is not actively looking for another job! This post was inspired by two things: The prescriptive nature of the DPO role as envisaged by the LIBE Committee; and seeing great privacy professionals failing to get roles they could do standing on their heads, simply because the person making the final hiring decision assumed only a lawyer could do the role.

Privacy Profession

What Makes a Good Privacy Professional?

By Emma Butler

For companies striving to maintain compliance with myriad global data protection and privacy rules, and keeping up with future developments, the privacy professional is key. Increasingly companies seem to think that they have to hire qualified lawyers to fulfil this role, but is that really the case?

Most privacy roles require someone who can advise on the rules and their application in practice....

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