Contributor: Ann Cavoukian

Ann Cavoukian is Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner, appointed in 1997 and currently serving her third term. She joined the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner in 1987, during its start-up phase, as its first Director of Compliance. In 1990, she was appointed Assistant Commissioner. She is perhaps best known for her mantra of “Privacy by Design.”


More Privacy Paternalism: “We Know What’s Best for You”

By Ann Cavoukian

Note from the Editor:

Re: "The Evolving Pursuit of Privacy," by Scott Charney, included in this week's Daily Dashboard.

Scott Charney failed to mention that many of his arguments, which would result in weakening privacy protections, have already been addressed and do not enjoy widespread support. While he indicates that his suggestions will “enhance” data protection for consumers, the opposite will most likely occur. They reflect a paternalistic approach to data protection that, if implemented, will weaken rather...

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So Glad You Didn’t Say That! A Response to Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

By Ann Cavoukian

In response to my comments on an IAPP story, “Forget Notice and Choice, Let’s Regulate Use,” Viktor Mayer-Schönberger distances himself from views attributed to him by the IAPP and positions taken in an earlier whitepaper.

My first thought when reading Mayer-Schönberger’s response was, “I’m so glad he didn’t mean that!” In sum, Mayer-Schönberger assures me that our views are aligned as follows:...

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