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Six Practical Tips for the Private Sector from the DHS Annual Privacy Report

By Dennis Holmes, IAPP Westin Research Fellow

Successfully managing a privacy program can be challenging, especially when faced with a limited staff, budget or both. For simple, effective ways to help you improve your organization’s privacy program, you may want to pick up a copy of the recently released Department of Homeland Security Privacy Office’s 2013 Annual Report to Congress. The report highlights the achievements of the DHS Privacy Office over the past year with respect to its five strategic goals: privacy and disclosure policy, advocacy, compliance oversight and workforce excellence.

The DHS privacy office is the first statutorily created and, arguably, the premier privacy office in the federal government. Accordingly, much can be learned about managing a privacy program by analyzing the accumulated achievements of the Privacy Office over the last year. While a public-sector report may seem to be low-priority reading for private-sector privacy professionals, you may be surprised to learn that the report contains plenty of relevant and useful information to help you manage your organization’s privacy program.

This article identifies six practical tips from the DHS Privacy Office’s 2013 Annual Report to Congress that could give your privacy program a boost.

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