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(Mar 5, 2015) I’m writing this editorial 34,000 feet high on my way to the IAPP’s Global Privacy Summit. With last week’s publication of the draft U.S. Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights Act, it seems I chose the right moment! If 100-percent privacy compliance is even possible, I’m frequently asked. A question that often leads to an interesting conversation about rationalized requirements, business-focused, tailored and risk-based solutions, etc., but what it all comes down to in this hashtagged world is #NoTru... Read More

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Efforts To Thwart Breaches Continue

(Mar 5, 2015) Dark Reading reports on the announcement by ID Experts in conjunction with this week’s Global Privacy Summit that its RADAR incident response management software now includes EU privacy laws, making it possible for companies “to easily manage privacy incidents across EU and U.S. jurisdictions.” Meanwhile, various reports of investigations into breaches—including those affecting Uber, Anthem and Sony—continue making headlines. “Security and privacy are not interchangeable, and we must... Read More

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Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

(Mar 5, 2015) Lexology reports on the Court of Justice of the European Union decision to strike down the Data Retention Directive last year and the lessons to be learned. Going forward, the report suggests, “It remains to be seen if there is sufficient political appetite in Brussels to revive the Directive in any form.”Meanwhile, the UK Supreme Court has found that the retention of data on individuals without their consent interferes with their privacy but “is justified,” The Bureau of Investigative Journalis... Read More

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House of Lords Recommends Drone Restrictions

(Mar 5, 2015) International Business Times looks into a House of Lords report imposing drone restrictions. The report states that “feedback from the public has so far been more concerned with privacy and data protection, rather than with the imminent danger of being hit by a falling drone.” However, the report states, a House of Lords committee “decided existing laws into data protection and privacy in the UK are sufficient to cover the operation of UAVs by both civilian and commercial users.” The chairwoman of the committee said, “The privacy law says that you can't go up and peep into people's windows, so what applies to people on foot equally applies to drones as it's the same law.” Read More

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Real Tools for Privacy Management

(Mar 5, 2015) “New information technology is at the heart of so many of the privacy challenges we face today—big data, Internet of Things, metadata analysis—but the technology we actually use to solve privacy problems is just this side of the Stone Age,” Daniel Weitzner writes in this post for Privacy Tech. Privacy policies are necessary, but on their own, they’re hardly sufficient, and even the steps involved in creating and maintaining a privacy program “cannot possibly keep up with the scale, scope and velocity of data being processed by today’s large, information-intensive organizations,” he writes. Instead, Weitzner suggests, “A new approach to privacy management is necessary in order to enable organizations to handle data at scale and simultaneously remain consistent with the high standards of privacy protection.” Read More

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A Deep and Dangerous Dive Into Safe Harbor

(Mar 5, 2015) It’s no secret that Safe Harbor has been under fire from critics in Europe for some time—particularly since the initial Snowden disclosures in 2013. In some respects, it’s highlighted the tensions between the EU and U.S. regarding privacy and data protection. With a “growing discomfort with Safe Harbor in Europe in general and Germany in particular,” GFT Technologies Chief Privacy Officer Ernst-Oliver Wilhelm, CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT, writes, “historical analysis suggests that these differences in the transatlantic relationship have already existed long before the Internet.” In this in-depth post for Privacy Perspectives, Wilhelm describes some of these cultural differences and compares the future of Safe Harbor to the navigation by the famed Ulysses between the mythically treacherous Scylla and Charybdis. Read More

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Your Organization May Have Been Breached. When Do You Disclose?

(Mar 5, 2015) During Data Breach Notification Bootcamp at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, Liisa Thomas led a packed room through a privacy pro's hypothetical nightmare: Your organization has detected a potential breach incident. Now what do you do? The Privacy Advisor Editor Angelique Carson, CIPP/US, outlines the next steps, the questions you need to ask and how your PR team needs to respond. And breach headlines continue to abound, with the latest media reports focused on inc... Read More

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Demystifying Privacy Engineering

(Mar 5, 2015) The Marriott Marquis in Washington, DC, was abuzz Wednesday with a flurry of connection and conversation at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit. A day of preconference workshops meant deep explorations into essential education for a wide range of privacy pros. Jedidiah Bracy, CIPP/US, CIPP/E, attended a session dedicated to the emerging, yet perhaps still mysterious, profession of privacy engineering. Understanding this new but important field is no small task, and Bracy provides insights into some—just some—of what he learned in this post for Privacy Tech. Led by “a fantastic panel of privacy engineers, policy analysts as well as privacy and security experts, ‘Piecing Together the Privacy Engineering Puzzle’ was not for the faint of heart,” he writes. Read More

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Fieldfisher Releases “Managing Global Data Residency Risk” Report

(Mar 5, 2015) Fieldfisher has announced the publication of its "Managing Global Data Residency Risk" report in conjunction with this week’s Global Privacy Summit. The report provides an in-depth look at issues around Data Residency Rules—laws prohibiting the transfer of personal data from specific countries or regions unless certain legal standards are met—and legal solutions that enable international data exports. “In an increasingly data-hungry and interconnected world, data protection issues co... Read More

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The Social Story from the Global Privacy Summit

(Mar 5, 2015) Whether you’re immersed in all the networking and education opportunities at our IAPP Global Privacy Summit in Washington, DC, this week or reading along from a distance and wishing you were there, we’ve got the as-it-happened news and reactions available right here for you. To augment the on-the-scene reporting from members of our Publications Team, we’ve compiled the tweets, status updates, photos and more from the event so you can see what privacy pros have been doing and read what they’re saying live from the Summit. Check it all out here via Storify. Read More

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