IAPP Westin Research Library

As part of the IAPP Westin Research Center, the IAPP maintains the Westin Research Library, which contains Dr. Alan Westin’s collected life work, along with his substantial collection of privacy-related literature, including research, fiction and art.

The library, which represents a treasure trove of privacy thought and scholarship, is housed in the IAPP offices in Portsmouth, NH. It includes everything from omnibus works about international privacy law to popular items like Internet Privacy for Dummies. The collection also includes a number of rare or out-of-print titles, including some of Westin’s own published books.

The most significant items are Westin’s own papers and collected works, which are currently being indexed by IAPP staff and will soon be publicly available through a relationship with the University of Maine Law Library.

A complete catalogue of titles from the Westin Research Library will be available later this year. If you have inquiries about the library’s holdings, please contact Sam Pfeifle, IAPP Publications Director, at sam@privacyassociation.org.