IAPP Privacy Academy 2012

Pro Zone


Looking to run into someone who faces your same concerns? Head to the Pro Zone for informal discussion in these focused areas, where you steer the conversation:

Area 1
Privacy? I can do that in my sleep. 10 years and counting…
Seasoned pros

Area 2
I AM the privacy department. Help!
Pros with limited privacy resources

Area 3
Let’s give peace a chance: Making friends with Marketing
Mid- and senior-level pros looking for practical insights

Area 4
A sense of security
Security pros

Area 5
Can you quiz me?
CIPP study group

Area 6
Public-sector pros unite
Government/public-sector pros

Area 7
No passport required
Pros from around the world

Area 8
Privacy 101
Newbees looking for practical insights

Area 9
Privacy pro 2.0
Mid-level pros looking for practical insights

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