Practical Privacy Series 2013

Jamie Danker, CIPP/US, CIPP/G

Verification Privacy Officer, Office of Privacy
U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services

Jamie Danker currently serves as the Verification Division Privacy Officer within the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Office of Privacy.  She has over ten years of Federal service including privacy-related positions at the DHS Privacy Office and the Government Accountability Office.  In her time at the DHS Privacy Office, she led the development and implementation of a Privacy Compliance Review framework involving the review of high-risk, high-profile systems/program for compliance with existing privacy compliance documentation including Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA), System of Records Notices, and other formal agreements.  She also worked with DHS programs to address privacy requirements in the earliest stages of system and program development. Ms. Danker spent 6 years at the GAO where she led and contributed to engagements concerning government wide privacy issues. 

Ms. Danker holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Information Systems Technology from the George Washington University.