Information Privacy Summer Institute



Global Privacy Law

Instructor Omer Tene, Associate Professor, College of Management School of Law

The course will provide an overview of the theoretical foundations of privacy law, including Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon and Warren and Brandeis’s “right to be let alone.” We will track the development of information privacy law in the U.S., Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and European Union, focusing on the recent reform proposals debated these very days. We’ll deconstruct the building blocks of privacy regulation, including the concepts of personally identifiable information (and related de-identification), consent, context and data minimization. And we’ll introduce the state of U.S. privacy law, including statutes such as HIPAA, FCRA and GLBA, and Supreme Court decisions such as U.S. v. Jones and Clapper v. Amnesty International.

Advanced Privacy in Practice

Instructor Kris Klein, CIPP/C, CIPM, Partner, nNovation LLP, Managing Director, IAPP Canada

This course will provide practical exposure to data privacy, security and management issues that arise within the enterprise. It will offer problem-based exercises that track the topics explored in the Global Privacy Law course; more deeply explore specialized areas of privacy law (e.g., health, financial, educational and personal information); and address legal responses to data breach. Example problems/activities include drafting a privacy policy for a consumer-based website, addressing a board of directors about the importance of data security or preparing congressional testimony about proposed privacy legislation.