IAPP Privacy Academy 2013
  • I learned something valuable at every session, the networking opportunities were fantastic, and the keynote speakers were really great too.
  • The entire structure of the program is outstanding. Good speakers, great networking opportunities and good exhibits. One of the best conferences.
  • Very well organized, privacy-specific education, and great networking opportunities. Great educational resource as well.
  • Valuable information.
  • Maybe one of the best [experiences] I’ve had. Great to see some prior colleagues, and meet some new ones.
  • Great format and content.
  • I enjoyed the diversity of the speakers’ topics and professional backgrounds.
  • Hard choice to make for breakout sessions.
  • Overall experience was great!
  • The breakout sessions I attended were informative and interesting.
  • Fantastic gathering of privacy professionals.
  • Great topic range, knowledgeable and skilled professionals, great networking.
  • Solid conference. Great content and networking.

Stuart Shapiro, CIPP/US, CIPP/G

Principal Information Privacy and Security Engineer
The MITRE Corporation

Dr. Stuart S. Shapiro is a principal information privacy and security engineer and a member of the privacy community of practice at the MITRE Corporation, a not-for-profit organization performing technical research and consulting primarily for the U.S. federal government. He has supported a wide range of privacy activities involving, among others, privacy impact assessment, privacy program stand up, establishment of technical privacy requirements for systems and development of privacy risk analysis and management methods. In particular, he has led or supported multiple projects in the area of enterprise privacy-enhancing technologies (ePETs), focusing in particular on technologies and methodologies for data desensitization (also referred to as anonymization and de-identification). He is co-editor of U.S. Government Privacy: Essential Policies and Practices for Privacy Professionals (International Association of Privacy Professionals, 2009). Other recent publications include “Privacy By Design:Moving from Art to Practice” (CACM, 2010) and “Situating Anonymization Within a Privacy Risk Model” (IEEE International Systems Conference, 2012).

Among Shapiro’s professional affiliations are the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), the advisory board of the Ponemon Institute’s Responsible Information Management Council, and the U.S. Public Policy Council of the Association for Computing Machinery (USACM), where he currently serves as co-vice chair.