Yann Padova

Senior Counsel
Baker & McKenzie SCP

Yann Padova joined Baker & McKenzie SCP in 2012 as a Senior Counsel. He has extensive experience in dealing with issues pertaining to internet law, data privacy protection, internet surveillance, applicable law, whistleblowing and cloud computing. He also advises in the field of compliance disputes.

Yann Padova has been appointed by the Law Committee as Administrator (staff member) at the Assemblée Nationale (French Parliament) since 1995. He has been a leader in the fields of information technology, new technologies, penal laws and criminal procedure. Yann Padova has notably been in charge of the transposition of the Data Protection Directive of 1995 on the safeguarding of personal information as an amendment to the French data protection Act of 1978.

From 2006 to 2012, Yann Padova was Secretary General of the French Data Protection Agency, the CNIL. The CNIL is the independent data protection authority that enforces regulations applicable to the safeguard of personal information. To that end, the CNIL acts as counsel, holding preliminary authorization over the most sensitive files. CNIL has also strong enforcement powers, holds the capacity for dawn raids and can pronounce sanctions (e.g. fines, public warning, order to stop processing).