Daniela Fábián Masoch

Global Head Data Privacy
Novartis International AG

Daniela Fábián Masoch is the Global Head Data Privacy at Novartis. She is responsible for setting the privacy compliance strategy for the group and driving the implementation and monitoring of the group-wide privacy compliance program. Daniela leads the Novartis global privacy network and the legal privacy practice team.

Prior to this position, Daniela was senior corporate counsel in the Corporate Legal Department at Novartis, responsible for supporting global functions in a broad variety of legal matters.

Daniela is an attorney at law with special expertise in data protection and privacy, employment law, contract law and environmental law. She is a board member of the International Pharmaceutical Privacy Consortium (IPPC); Chair of the IPPC European Working Group and a member of the European Privacy Officers Network, the IAPP and the Swiss Data Protection Officers Consortium (VUD).