Data Privacy Day

At the beginning of each new year, the United States, Canada and 27 countries of the European Union celebrate Data Privacy Day. Data Privacy Day is designed to raise awareness of and generate discussion about data privacy rights and practices.

From shredding events to academic conferences on topics including national security and data transfers, social networking and information security, Privacy Day offers numerous opportunities to elevate consciousness of data privacy issues and encourage others to take action to protect their personal information.

Data Privacy Day is a great opportunity to join the IAPP and privacy professionals worldwide in promoting privacy awareness and education through organizing Data Privacy Day activities and presentations.

The IAPP recognizes Data Privacy Day by facilitating Privacy After Hours events around the world.

The IAPP also encourages you to give presentations about privacy in your own organizations or at local high schools, colleges and universities.

A number of educational tools have been created to make it easy to start a discussion on privacy, including prepared presentations that can be tailored to a variety of audiences. Each presentation can be given in approximately one hour and teaching guides or accompanying scripts also are included.

For more information, visit the Data Privacy Day Web page to download the presentations, view information on the next Data Privacy Day and locate additional ideas and resources.