Wolter Wefers Bettink

Amsterdam, Netherlands KnowledgeNet Chair
Houthoff Buruma

Wolter Wefers Bettink specialises in IT law, e-business, privacy and intellectual property. In his daily practice, Wefers Bettink assists clients with issues of data protection in connection with corporate compliance of the day-to-day business of the insurance industry, medical care organisations, internet companies and the automotive sector, as well as in the context of litigation and corporate transactions.

Wefers Bettink leads the privacy team, which regularly conducts privacy audits for clients and advises clients on the organization of personal data processing, data retention policies and website privacy policies.

Recently, Wefers Bettink has advised clients on a variety of privacy-related issues, including data retention policy, the processing of data obtained by a company in an internal compliance test, the applicability of Dutch privacy legislation and codes of conduct to a reinsurance company based outside the Netherlands, and how to observe data protection rules while meeting an e-discovery order from a U.S. court and an investigation of a U.S. enforcement agency.

In 2010, Wefers Bettink litigated for one of the largest Dutch insurance companies in a landmark case on the scope of the right of access to personal data under article 14 of the EU Data Protection Directive. Ultimately, the court ruled that access should be granted only to a limited number of documents, excluding specifically all correspondence between client and attorney as well as experts hired for the case.

Wefers Bettink wrote on e-discovery and privacy for the Houthoff Buruma publication US e-Discovery in the Netherlands (November 2010). He received 2011 recommendations from both Chambers Europe and the Legal 500.

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