CIPP Certification for Organizations

Compliance, risk mitigation, leadership…whatever your objective, IAPP certification programs can bolster your compliance and risk mitigation practices and arm your employees with the knowledge to achieve your privacy goals. The IAPP offers the most encompassing, up-to-date, recognized and sought-after global certification for privacy and data protection.

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Increase your privacy program effectiveness

Data is one of your most valuable assets. And every day it is being accessed, shared, managed and transferred by people in your organization in all departments and at all levels.

Unless they have a solid foundational understanding of the considerations and challenges involved in managing data, you risk a data breach, losing customer trust—or even enforcement action.

Through IAPP certification, your organization and your staff learn to institute better privacy practices, drive enhanced internal and external compliance, and build a more effective data protection program.

Bring certification to your organization

Having privacy-certified staff boosts your privacy program effectiveness by:

  • Improving decision-making among employees who handle and manage data
  • Facilitating collaboration and communication among departments
  • Making privacy protection a shared business objective—greatly improving the compliance posture of your organization and reducing the risk of a breach
  • Demonstrating your commitment to customers, partners, regulators and staff

The IAPP has two certification programs—the CIPP and the CIPM—which complement each other by addressing privacy laws and regulations (CIPP) and how to operationalize them (CIPM). Both reflect the most up-to-date bodies of knowledge in the industry and have been developed under the guidance of subject matter experts.

We can bring comprehensive certification prep classes and/or testing for any of these programs to a group within your organization. All of our prep classes can be delivered on-site, at your convenience, by our Professional Privacy Faculty, an elite team of privacy and data protection experts from around the world who are actively engaged in the field of information privacy.

For more information about group certification and privacy training, contact us at or +1 603.427.9200.