IAPP Professional Privacy Faculty

Ken Jaworski, CIPP/US, CIPM

Data Security Specialist
Compuware Corporation

Ken Jaworski is a data security specialist for Compuware Corporation Professional Services Division specializing in the fields of data security, data privacy, business continuity and records retention. He is responsible for a variety of assignments in the public, private and educational sectors. His present assignment is to supply enterprise-wide expertise in data security, data privacy and business continuity for the City of Detroit. When away from his assignments, Jaworski is regularly assisting Compuware in request for proposal responses and contract development.

Jaworski has implemented his skills both as a practitioner and an instructor. Areas of expertise include data security (both program assessments and development); gap analysis (both data gathering and reporting requirements at all levels); business continuity, including data centers, workspace and workforce recovery (plan development, testing and maintenance); data privacy (for customers, employees and business partners); security metrics (identification, capture, usage and presentation); project management (large and small); risk management (including building the program and implementing the process); policy and procedure development (from requirements through implementation); configuration and change management; insuring secure outsourcing; insuring safe cloud computing; and training and awareness (including single business unit, organizational level and nationwide).

Many of Jaworski’s accomplishment have been through self-developed tools that assist in risk analysis, privacy impact assessments, business impact analysis and gap analysis.

Prior to joining Compuware, Jaworski had a 31-year career with Detroit Edison. While at Detroit Edison, he worked in the information protection organization and helped build the 1996 Information Protection Program of the Year. Prior to entering the data security field, he spent 18 years as an application developer/supervisor on a variety of systems, the most important of which assisted in the operations and maintenance of a nuclear power plant.

As an instructor, Jaworski has conducted numerous management level data security, data privacy and business continuity courses. Besides courses in the U.S., he has led courses in Muscat, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Moscow, Singapore, Mexico, London and Amman. Recently, Jaworski has been a lead consultant for the development, implementation and eventual maintenance of a nationwide awareness program in the country of Oman.

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