Milestones 2002

Milestones in Privacy

The California Data Breach Notification Law (SB-1386), the first major data breach law, is signed into law on September 25, 2002.

IAPP Milestones

The International Association of Privacy Officers (IAPO), now the IAPP, holds its second annual Privacy and Data Protection Summit in Washington, DC, January 29 – February 1, 2002.

J. Trevor Hughes is appointed Executive Director of the IAPO.

IAPO Board of Directors:

Agnes Bundy Scanlan, Chief Privacy Officer, FleetBoston Financial

John Bentivoglio, Esq., Partner, Arnold & Porter

Becky Burr, Partner, Wilmer Cutler Pickering

Lorna Christie, Chief Privacy Officer, Identico Systems

Jean-Paul Hepp, Chief Privacy Officer, Pharmacia Corporation

Marilou King, Partner, McDermott Will Emery

Kevin Levitt, Chief Privacy Officer, EDS

Janet McCoy, Chief Privacy Officer, Sovereign Bank

Lisa Murtha, Compliance/Privacy Officer, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Harriet Pearson, Chief Privacy Officer, IBM

Stephanie Perrin, Chief Privacy Officer, Zero Knowledge Systems

Jules Polonetsky, Chief Privacy Officer, DoubleClick Inc.

Benjamin Robinson, Chief Privacy Officer, MasterCard

Vincent Schiavone, Chief Executive Officer, ePrivacy Group

Lorrie Sherwood, Executive Director, P&AB

Dale Skivington, Chief Privacy Officer, Eastman Kodak

Chris Zoladz, Chief Privacy Officer, Marriott International

General Counsel: Jim Koenig, Chief Development and Legal Officer, ePrivacy Group


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