September 23, 2008

International Privacy Initiatives Sweep Industry Privacy Competition

U.S., Australian and European Union Programs Recognized by International Association of Privacy Professionals

ORLANDO, FLA. — September 23, 2008 — International privacy leadership projects swept the 6th annual HP-International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Privacy Innovation Awards.  Winners representing three continents were announced today at the IAPP Privacy Academy in Orlando, Fla.  The three areas recognized for significant innovation include organization privacy awareness, consumer privacy education and identity management.

The award recipients are the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the Victorian Department of Justice (Victoria, Australia), and the Privacy and Identity Management for Europe project (PRIME).

"On behalf of privacy professionals worldwide, we congratulate the winning innovators for their leadership," said IAPP Board President Sandra Hughes, CIPP, Global Ethics, Compliance and Privacy Executive, The Procter & Gamble Company.  "This year's results show how public sector initiatives can set a high bar for our field and underscore how cooperation between the public and private sectors is critical."

"HP is proud to sponsor an award that encourages innovative practices that impact governments, consumers and businesses," said HP Chief Privacy Officer Scott Taylor.

The winner in the Small Organization category (less than 5,000 employees), is the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's annual agency-wide privacy awareness program.  Through its comprehensive "Privacy Week," the FTC has successfully heightened agency awareness of the need to protect information assets against unauthorized use or disclosure.

Privacy Week kicked off with "File Clean-up Day," where staff devoted an entire business day to taking stock of all electronic and paper files using a compliance check-list and certification process that ensured that information was properly handled and stored.  Over 1,300 "File Clean-up Day" kits were distributed to employees who used the kits to comply with FTC records management policies.  The day proved very productive and engaged many employees who created personalized data collection "burn bags" for the appropriate gathering of documents for destruction.

"Creating this sort of enthusiasm and involvement leads to a real and positive privacy mindset among employees," said one judge.  Another admired the FTC program as, "a very creative idea that achieved a serious and proven result."

In the Large Organization category (more than 5,000 employees), the Victorian Department of Justice (Victoria, Australia) won for its national privacy education program designed to instill privacy impact assessment processes in project management, policy development and formal training efforts for all public sector employees across Victoria.  In 2008, for the third year running, the Department worked with the Victorian Privacy Commissioner to create and deliver "Privacy Awareness Week," an education program directed at the 63 statutory entities and 6,000 full-time metropolitan and regional staff across Victoria.  The program was coordinated with other national bodies including the Privacy Commissioner of Hong Kong and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

The Department's pragmatic program was distinguished because, as one judge remarked, "Clearly, privacy is built into this organization.  It is in the very DNA of what the Department does."

The Victorian Department of Justice ranked as the highest-scoring entry of any winner in the entire 2008 Privacy Innovation Award contest.

This year, the HP-IAPP Privacy Innovation Technology Award category received the most nominations as 15 different technology vendors of different sizes and specialties competed for recognition.  This year's winner is PRIME:  the Privacy and Identity Management for Europe project, an E.U. funded research initiative that focuses on privacy and identity management (IAM) schemes and their impacts on a variety of fields and industries including e-commerce, e-government, e-health, finance, travel and telecommunications.  PRIME is the result of a coalition of 20 research institutions in the U.S. and Europe along with industry partners including IBM, HP, T-Mobile, Swisscom and Lufthansa.

The PRIME initiative produced a highly innovative technology program architecture that governs access control, data retention and policy elements.  Two key highlights of the program are "Data Track" and "Idemix."  Data Track improves the transparency of data processing while Idemix, a private credential system, employs an encrypted, anonymous log-in to Web sites in order to ensure that Web user information remains confidential.

PRIME was selected for its successful, enormous project scope and business model.  "This was a monster collaborative project that still focused on what serious, widespread applications of IAM can be. PRIME has proven that was once thought impossible is now feasible through a multitude of technology levels," remarked one judge.

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