July 2, 2004

EDIT Bank of America's Agnes Bundy Scanlan Honored With 2004 Vanguard Award For Privacy Leadership In Business

Pioneering Privacy Work Sets Foundation for Creating Business Value and Consumer Trust

York, Maine, July 2, 2004 – The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) has named
Agnes Bundy Scanlan, Regulatory Relations Executive for Bank of America, as recipient of the
IAPP/Synomos Vanguard Award. The Vanguard Award is awarded annually to the individual who has
demonstrated exemplary creativity and leadership within the privacy profession.

“Agnes Bundy Scanlan’s leadership in advancing privacy issues, dedication to helping transform the privacy
profession into an influential force in business and government, and unflinching belief that privacy must be
a guiding principle in business are the reasons we’ve chosen her as the 2004 Vanguard Award recipient,”
said IAPP executive director Trevor Hughes. “This year’s award is more than simply a recognition of
excellence in achievement, it is an acknowledgment that this profession is as respected as it is today in large
part because of Agnes’ leadership.”

“I am honored to be recognized by my peers and colleagues in the global privacy community, all of whom
have been at the vanguard of this emerging and critical profession. We look forward to bringing the
community into the next area of growth and prestige," Bundy Scanlan said.

“The continued emergence of new privacy regulations, ongoing increase in enterprise data assets, and
necessity to maintain a trusted relationship with customers make privacy leaders like Agnes Bundy Scanlan
more important than ever,” said Austin Hill, the president and CEO of Synomos Inc. “Synomos presents
the 2004 IAPP/Synomos Vanguard Award to Agnes Bundy Scanlan in recognition of her impressive
record of achievement at FleetBoston Financial, now part of Bank of America, and outstanding
commitment and contribution to the privacy profession and community.”

In selecting her as this year’s award recipient, the IAPP noted Bundy Scanlan’s tenure as President of the
IAPP, as well as her work from as Fleet’s chief compliance and chief privacy officer, and continuing as
Bank of America’s regulatory relations executive. IAPP also noted that Bundy Scanlan’s previous
experience managing Fleet’s Community Development program, including small business and affordable
housing lending, gave her a keen sense of the responsibility large organizations have to respecting their
individual customers’ most precious asset: privacy. Her perspective has proven to be an influential force
on the growth of the IAPP and of the privacy industry as a whole.

The IAPP/Synomos Vanguard Award is given each year to the privacy professional that has demonstrated
leadership within the field by showing unique and compelling approaches to implementing privacy
programs within their organization. The award recipient is selected by the Executive Committee of the
IAPP, drawn from recommendations from IAPP board members. The Vanguard Award is sponsored by
Synomos, a leading privacy solutions provider.

The IAPP is the world's leading association of privacy and security professionals. With more than 1,000
individual and corporate members, the IAPP defines and supports the profession of privacy by being a
forum for interaction, education, and discussion across industries. Further information on the IAPP can be
found at

Synomos provides data governance solutions that enable businesses to achieve cost-effective regulatory
compliance, manage data policies, and assure the value of enterprise data assets. Synomos, formerly known
as the Enterprise Privacy Unit of Zero-Knowledge Systems, was spun out into a wholly owned subsidiary
of ZKS in June 2004. Synomos has delivered on mandates for Fortune 500 companies, financial services
organizations and global technology leaders. The company is headquartered in Montreal, Canada with
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