February 20, 2004

FTC Commissioner Orson Swindle Receives 2004 Privacy Leadership Award From the IAPP

Commissioner’s Proactive Advocacy and Work with Private Industry Cited

Philadelphia, PA, February 20, 2004 – Federal Trade Commissioner Orson Swindle is the 2004
recipient of the annual IAPP Privacy Leadership Award. The announcement and special presentation were
made at a reception at the International Spy Museum, sponsored by Deloitte, honoring the Commissioner
Thursday night during the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) 2004 Privacy & Data
Security Summit & Expo in Washington, DC.

Commissioner Swindle’s work within the FTC and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and
Development reflects his deep understanding of the nature of privacy and security. He has been a positive
and important influence in shaping public policy on issues such as the fight against spam, online privacy,
consumer protection, international privacy, and electronic data protection. Swindle’s steadfast support of
consumer privacy protection was reflected in his 2000 dissent of recommended regulation to the universal
mandate to implement all four fair information practices, to his leadership in revising OECD Guidelines
for Information Systems and Networks in 2002.

Sworn in as a Republican Commissioner on the Federal Trade Commission in 1997, Swindle recognized
privacy’s significance early on and has never wavered in his philosophical, market-oriented belief that
government has a role to play through appropriate and aggressive law enforcement, education, promoting
responsible industry self regulation, and common sense solutions to achieve maximum privacy and security
protection for consumers. By naming him the 2004 recipient of its Privacy Leadership Award, the IAPP
recognizes Commissioner Swindle’s tireless advocacy for the protection of consumer privacy.

“The path to more effective privacy protection is a journey not a destination,” Swindle said. “We need to
be vigilant in enforcing the privacy laws we have on the books while we in government, industry and civil
society continue working together to keep the dialogue going with sharp focus on improving protection of
individual privacy and reaping the benefits of the free flow of information.”

“Commissioner Swindle’s understanding of the importance of privacy and his leadership within the FTC
have led directly to a greater understanding within the business community of the imperative need for
consumer privacy protections – achievements all the more impressive when considered against a lifetime
of dedicated service to his country,” said Chris Zoladz, President, IAPP Board of Directors. “During a
time when issues like unsolicited e-mail, fraud and identity theft, medical and financial information privacy,
and protecting our children from online predators dominate the headlines, Mr. Swindle has provided a
steady hand to help meet the challenges that face both business and government.”

The IAPP Privacy Leadership Award is presented annually to the individual who has demonstrated
significant leadership and intelligence in crafting public policy solutions to the challenges of privacy.
Congressman Cliff Stearns received the award in 2003.

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