February 10, 2004

DHS CPO Nuala O'Connor to Keynote on Privacy and Domestic Security at IAPP Summit

Progress, Challenges of Managing Public Privacy and Security Addressed

Philadelphia, PA, February 10, 2004 – Nuala O’Connor Kelly, Chief Privacy Officer with the
Department of Homeland Security (DHS), will keynote at the International Association of Privacy
Professionals (IAPP) 2004 Privacy & Data Security Summit & Expo. Ms. O’Connor Kelly, the nation’s
highest ranking privacy officer, will address Summit attendees on Thursday, February 19, with progress
and guidance from the DHS regarding privacy and the war on terrorism, the Patriot Act, and other
prominent privacy and security issues.

The IAPP Privacy and Data Protection Summit takes place February 18 – 20 at the Washington
Renaissance Hotel in Washington, DC.

“Ms. O’Connor Kelly sits at the center of the seemingly conflicting interests involved in protecting
individual privacy and civil liberties, and protecting the nation’s security interests,” said Trevor Hughes,
IAPP executive director. “Her day-to-day experiences are analogous to the situations faced by privacy
professionals struggling with achieving privacy compliance and protecting personal data, and utilizing that
store of corporate information and customer records to conduct business in the new economy.”

Sponsored by the International Association of Privacy Professionals, the conference features the latest
guidance on spam, identity theft, federal and state privacy activities, healthcare and financial privacy, as
well as security, technology, and marketing issues. The conference also features leading speakers from the
FTC, DHS, and Treasury Department; as well as top privacy professionals from IBM, Wyeth
Pharmaceuticals, Microsoft, AOL, Countrywide, Hewlett-Packard, Nationwide, eBay, AT&T Wireless,
USPS, Eastman Kodak, and Wells Fargo Bank.

For More Information:
IAPP Privacy & Data Security Summit & Expo
February 18 – 20, 2004
Washington Renaissance Hotel, Washington, DC

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